The Gordon England Register Archive has been set up to share all things that pertain to Austin Seven Gordon England bodied cars.

The Register was originally set up in 1972 to record and list all surviving Austin Seven Gordon England (GE) bodied cars.  This list is now merged with the Austin Seven Clubs’ Association chassis register and can be found here: .   Any new information on GE bodied cars that comes to light will be shared with the Association so they can maintain their records and the main drive of the Register will now be to share photos and information that will assist those rebuilding or recreating GE cars.

The Register is always looking for more information and if you have anything to share we look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Is the GE Register interested in GE bodies fitted to cars other than Austin 7s? I have a 1927 Darracq 15/40 DTS that was fitted in c. 1960 with a GE body rescued from a car with a similar chassis, owned by Sir Francis Samuelson, the first purchaser of a GE body for an Austin 7 . DCP


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