Brooklands being carried…

No, this is not a bunch of pall bearers en route to a burial at sea. It’s motor sport officials and drivers carrying Tom Lord’s Gordon England’s Brooklands model Austin 7 across the flooded creek otherwise barring the way onto Gerringong Beach in 1928.

When interviewed in 1970, John Sherwood explained “We ran at low tide on a four mile course, marked by two flags, two miles apart. The course was not dangerous because, if we went off the track, there were no fences to run into.

Tony Johns

1926 Brooklands in New York…


April 10, 1926New York. — One of the smallest autos ever seen arrived this morning on the SS Aquitania brought here by R.M. Papalian and T.C. Copson of London, shown in the car. This little machine can make a speed of 80 miles an hour, making 45 miles to a gallon of gas and carries a 5 gallon gas tank. A standard speed gear makes this little auto all the more remarkable and should prove very interesting to auto manufacturers on this side of the water.

Modified Cup Model…

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“I have spent years trying to establish the year and model of my late dad’s Austin Seven sports pictured below (dad in the car and photo dated 1934 Swansea, Glam). My dad died in 1971 and although he had mentioned the car to me, the photo only came to light in the 1980s! Suggestions include late 1920s and Gordon England coachwork. Unfortunately not all the number plate is shown but maybe someone out there can help me?”  Michael Hopkins


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