1926 Brooklands in New York…


April 10, 1926New York. — One of the smallest autos ever seen arrived this morning on the SS Aquitania brought here by R.M. Papalian and T.C. Copson of London, shown in the car. This little machine can make a speed of 80 miles an hour, making 45 miles to a gallon of gas and carries a 5 gallon gas tank. A standard speed gear makes this little auto all the more remarkable and should prove very interesting to auto manufacturers on this side of the water.

A letter from E C Gordon England published in Autocar 1926…

David Howe writes:


A letter from EGE in Autocar Oct 22nd 1926 saying he had taken a
Chummy from his stock and tested it. The letter is very complimentary.
Note also the date, just before the Motor Show when sales peaked. He
is doing his bit to help Austin sales and no doubt his part in those



Standard (Silent) Saloon…

Spotted on Facebook.

GE Standard Saloon

Charles Leith writes:

A very ‘special’ 1926/7 Gordon England Saloon. This photograph was given to me by my local garage who in turn was given it by a customer. This would have been a rather expensive university student car and so I’m wondering if this was a publicity photograph used in an advertisement by Gordon England. Has anyone seen this photo before and know anything about it? I understand today that the Gordon England saloons were rather flimsily built and perhaps only one exists. All rather handsome and jolly photo!

Junior Car Club 200 Mile Race 25th Sept 1926 Brooklands

David Howe writes:

A few pages from the Official Programme for the 1926 200 Mile Race at Brooklands.
Advertisements for Austin Seven and Wilson Motors Burghley Austin Seven,
And also for Gordon England, a Cup at £185 and a Brooklands for £265, In the same advertisement they are selling the single seater EGE is racing in the days race,and also the sister car driven by Boyd Carpenter, no price is given but it states they will accept the best reasonable offer received by 30th Sept. One of these cars went on to become Mrs Jo Jo.
All the very best