From Stuart Ulph:

byrom brooklands

the GE in the photo is of particular interest to me because 
the driver
(who seems to be yodelling) is said by TLC to be "B L Byron" 
but I think it is
B L (Lewis) Byrom.
If I am right then NE 552 is most probably the Brooklands
that the 
Byroms transmogrified into their Southport racer which, in turn,
Pete Almack's special. Of course, Lewis might have had more than one

Brooklands but I rather doubt it.
As far as I can determine, records for this
reg. number are lost.
Kevin Desmond, in his biography of Dick Shuttleworth,
quotes an unlikely 
reg. no. for the car (SFY 166 from memory) and I have
failed to find any 
details about that one as well. He also says other things
which make me 
suspect his proof reading.