Cars I have owned – Cup model

Bryan Norfolk writes:

Motor Sport May 1957 article ‘CARS I HAVE OWNED’ features a ‘Cup’ picture at bottom of second page with a description of use on following page.

More comment from T.A.

This Cup is interesting . It appears to be another with extra louvers and a modified windscreen.


Cup model in America.

David Howe writes:

“Another GE Cup image

Its a wonderful 10″ x 8″ image of a Cup in Hollywood. The photo is stamped on the back:-
Joe Wilharber
Motion Picture Cars
6422 Selma Ave
Marked is cost to hire the car at $4.50.
Hand written on the back is also ‘English Austin 7’
The car has two number plates presumably its original UK number YB 6422 and a California number 3T.44.24
There is a strange ‘monkey’ mascot mounted on the top of the scuttle
I wonder if other British cars made their way to Hollywood to film ‘English’ scenes?”