GE Cups in NZ

Ross Vesey (VARNZ) writes about photos of several Cups he has unearthed…

GE Cups in NZ

Four different cars.

Car 1

The series of 8 photos are of the Tulloch car in Wellington. Purchased brand new for 175 pounds NZ. Car was sold in 1939.

Russel George Tulloch (born 1908) was a Radio technician for radio station 2YA.



Photo below – Russell and Thelma Tulloch, married in 1936. Photo location Days Bay, Wellington.


Photo below – Russel Tulloch at Titahi Bay, Wellington.


Photo below – Russel Tulloch at Titahi Bay, Wellington.


Photo below – Thelma Tulloch at Titahi Bay, Wellington.


Photo below – Russel and Thelma, Days Bay, Wellington.


Photo below – Thelma sitting on car. Friends John and Ada Woodham (= Woodham Rd, Christchurch) at Titahi Bay belong to radio station 2YA where Russell worked.


Photo below – Thelma Tulloch and Pleiades Woodham, Days Bay, Wellington.


Car 2

Unfortunately no info for next photo.


Car 3

Next 3 photos are of Wallace and Ruth Goodman, married 1929. Ruth’s quote:- “On our honeymoon from Motueka to Christchurch there were floods. Four men carried the car to higher ground to avoid floodwater. The car had pump up seats”. She referred to the oil pressure button as “a pump up oiler”.

Photo below – Ruth Goodman at Motueka. Note one-piece windscreen.


Two photos below – Wally Goodman sitting in car 1928/29


Car 4

From ‘Special Reporter’ Evening Post, Thursday 27 June, 1929) after the 18 June 1929 Murchison earthquake……on the road between Nelson and Murchison. In the background is the concrete bridge which was upended in the earthquake. Note the driver’s attire.

Caption says ‘AN IMPROVISED BRIDGE Doctors Creek where a gang of ten men built the improvised bridge out of material from the bush and some cross pieces brought in a lorry. In the background can be seen the bridge that cost some xxxx (illegible) not long ago. The small car is returning from the Claybank washout. It is one of many now held in Murchison until the roads can be put right.’