Standard (Silent) Saloon…

Spotted on Facebook.

GE Standard Saloon

Charles Leith writes:

A very ‘special’ 1926/7 Gordon England Saloon. This photograph was given to me by my local garage who in turn was given it by a customer. This would have been a rather expensive university student car and so I’m wondering if this was a publicity photograph used in an advertisement by Gordon England. Has anyone seen this photo before and know anything about it? I understand today that the Gordon England saloons were rather flimsily built and perhaps only one exists. All rather handsome and jolly photo!

Cup Model photos..

David Howe write:


“Dear Ruairidh

Hope you are well.
Haven’t written for a while but here are a few things
Five photos of a GE Cup reg no HH 4444. I have bought them but I cant scan only photograph.
Odd thing about the car is it seems to be fitted with Michelin 4 stud disc wheels and balloon tyres. The tyres seem to have a 20’s Michelin tread. Only other seven I know with these wheels is the well known photo of the Austin sisters with the coupe.
Also enclosed a pic from Light Car and Cyclecar Nov 13th 1925 showing a Austin Seven Saloon which is rather GE like around the scuttle. But it was made in Australia.  Note comment about front headlights, and the curtains in the rear windows.
All the best

GE Bodied Austin Sevens

David Howe writes:


A few more Gordon England items, three from the Austin full catalogue and one ad from Punch c 1928
The first is from pub no 600b Feb1928
The second is from pub no 655 Oct 1928
The third is from pub no 655F May1929
The prices of the cup are worth looking at £150 in Feb 28 then £135 in Oct 1928 and up to £140 in May 1929
All the best and Happy Christmas
This is of particular interest as it seems to suggest that Cup Model were still available to buy in 1929, most accounts suggest that there was no production post 1928.