Brooklands Model?

Francisco Sanchez writes:



Goofying around old family pictures I’ve found this one of my grandfather car… My uncle is the boy on the picture, and the only thing he remembers about it is that the car was an Austin…

I think it is something based on the Austin 7, but no clue… so I’m digging for information and I arrived to your excellent Pictures collection.  Do you have any hint about the car?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks from La Coruna (Spain)



Coche abuelo



Just a small story, perhaps worth to be shared. My uncle thinks the car raced in Lasarte (Spain)

Lasarte circuit was around 700 km away from La Coruna, where the picture was taken in the early 50’s. No records about how it arrived there and it finished belonging to my grandparent… who sold the car when he had the second son.

Again, congratulations for the excellent web site.

Kind Regards