Stadium owner Val writes:


We have had a very good year with the Stadium: a navigation rally in Surrey, driving tests at Madresfield – where we met Robin H, the Exmoor rally with the Light Car and Edwardian group, Beaulieu, and latterly we completed a 200 mile rally at Presteigne.  If you want some photos – some attached! 

Best wishes


Cup and Stadium Model production overlap.

David Howe writes:

“Dear Ruairidh

An article from Light Car and Cyclecar dated 28the June 1929 which seems to suggest the Cup and Stadium were marketed and sold at the same time.
The text says:-
‘Of these the well known Cup Austin produced by Gordon England Ltd., 28. South Molton Street Oxford Street London W.1, was one of the first and has always enjoyed a very wide popularity. This car belongs to the class in which the chassis is practically standard, but owing to the lightness of the body, it naturally boasts of a more ‘snappy’ performance than the ordinary Austin.
It should be noted however that those who purchase this car- which, incidentally, sells for £140 – can for an expenditure of £8 have the engine specially tuned by Gordon England Ltd to give approximately 5 MPH extra speed in all gears. This ‘hotting up’ includes the fitting of a specially designed induction pipe, the polishing of the valve ports and the fitting of double valve springs.
At the Show last year, Gordon England, Ltd, introduced another two seater model, which, so far as appearance goes, differs from the Cup principally in the shape of the tail, which is brought to a point. As in the case of teh Cup model, however, the tail is used to house the spare wheel and to provide in addition for quite a reasonable quantity of luggage. Both models are equipped with hood, side curtains, unsplinterable glass screen and leather covered pneumatic upholstery, whilst the later model, which is known as the Stadium two seater and costs £135 has Tecalemit one shot chassis lubrication’
Had not heard of the Tecalemit lubrication before, fitted to the Stadium !
Attached a copy of the relevant two pages of a three page article.  This shows photos of the Cup and Stadium
All the very best


Stadium history

Following a post from Gerald Walker about a Stadium he remembers his father having, Robin Hildyard commented:

Gerald Walker writes: “More grotty photos from the 1960s. Dad bought this Gordon England Stadium in 1962.  I went with him …
This Stadium, TR7157, is alive and kicking, now in my garage nearing completion of a two-year rebuild, looking quite “Austintatious” (my nickname for it) with navy blue grainy fabric outside and scarlet leather upholstery. Still needs the hood doing, but the frame has new hoodsticks and I’ve found a wonderful local trimmer. Engine is all original matching numbers, now fitted with a bronze Zenith, a Bosch distributor, rebored to plus-60 and upgraded to inch and five sixteenths Phoenix crank with Austin white metalled rods. Chassis was shot-blasted and powder-coated, all bearings replaced, wings stripped and resprayed. I was absolutely delighted to see the photos of the car in the 1960s – it must have passed through the hands of Gerald Walker’s father so quickly that his name doesn’t appear in the logbook, but it left Cambridge to go to a new owner in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1968. Wish they had kept a snippet of the original fabric! The logbook says “Blue & silver” which might indicate a blue cellulosed fabric mottled with silver. I’ll post some photos when it is back on the road. Well done Ruairidh for getting all these memories together and spreading such useful information (and much joy) amongst Gordon England fanciers.
Robin Hildyard (deep in the Cotswolds)
Gerald responded with:
That has really made my day!  It was such a complete and original car and I am so pleased to hear it still survives and is in good hands.
I remember it as being blue but am fairly sure it had been painted – as often happens in an effort to preserve and waterproof the fabric.
The car was sold to Herbert Robinson Jnr, son of the owner of Herbert Robinson Ltd, a Cambridge car dealership.  We heard it had been sold on, but I had understood that it went to Yorkshire. 
Meanwhile here are a couple more photos taken, as the other two, in and around Ray Walker’s garage in Perowne Street, Cambridge and showing the Stadium in company.
Gerald Walker
A7 photos004-4
A7 photos001amended-2

Memories of a Stadium

Gerald Walker writes:

More grotty photos from the 1960s.

Dad bought this Gordon England Stadium in 1962.  I went with him to pick it up from a village near Cambridge (can’t remember which one).  It was complete and very original but had obviously been in its shed for many decades and was covered in dust.  We looked it over, pumped up the tyres and towed it home.  I was in the towing car with Dad and a great cloud of dust blew up as we moved out into the road, temporarily blinding the friend who was steering the Stadium!
I think there was a metal bodied version, but this was fabric.  All I can remember about it is that there were a couple of metal channels in the tail so the spare wheel could be slid in horizontally.  Also, where the fabric was crumbling on the tail, it looked like the top of the tail was formed from perforated zinc.
The car was sold for £35, presumably making a good profit, but we never saw it again.
Gerald Walker
Gordon England004
Gordon England003
A7 photos004-2

Original Stadium in USA.

Bryan Norfolk writes:

Hi R,

I think that I have something rather special for you.

A few years ago I was in contact with Paul G… in the States. I was helping to find the history of a 750 Race car that he owned. It was the Vallender Special, a very low car that was raced in the sixties.

He needed some evidence of the cars history in order to get approval for the race series that he was keen to enter over there. I am glad to say that it was a success story and after considerable restoration and with the help of a few parts I was able to source the car competed rather well.

However, back to the subject of this note.

Paul has a collection of cars, and he managed to obtain a very original Austin Seven Gordon England Stadium, which looked untouched during its life. He sent me various pictures taken when he first obtained the car. I have Emailed Paul today and he has told me that he has passed the car on to Murray S… whose contact details he will send when found. Here are a couple of extracts from Paul’s reply

I did not retain the Gordon England, but sold it to another Austin enthusiast.  It went to Murray S…, an expat Brit who raced them across the pond, in the day.  Among others in his stable is a real Ulster he acquired from Japan.

Murray did a conservation go through on the Gordon and with no major work, the bugger fired up and ran.  Has shown it at few ‘barn find’ features.

I certainly would have no objections to sharing the fotos and info.  Will dig for Murray’s info and pass it along. 

I am therefore attaching the photos for you to add to the GE Register.


Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_7_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_7_Image_0001

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_6_Image_0003

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_6_Image_0004

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_6_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_6_Image_0001

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_5_Image_0004

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_5_Image_0003

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_5_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_5_Image_0001

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_4_Image_0003

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_4_Image_0004

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_4_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_4_Image_0001

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_3_Image_0004

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_3_Image_0003

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_3_Image_0001

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_3_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_2_Image_0004

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_2_Image_0003

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_2_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_2_Image_0001

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_1_Image_0004

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_1_Image_0003

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_1_Image_0002-2

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_1_Image_0002

Austin 7 Gordon England Stadium Images_Page_1_Image_0001