Standard (Silent) Saloon…

Spotted on Facebook.

GE Standard Saloon

Charles Leith writes:

A very ‘special’ 1926/7 Gordon England Saloon. This photograph was given to me by my local garage who in turn was given it by a customer. This would have been a rather expensive university student car and so I’m wondering if this was a publicity photograph used in an advertisement by Gordon England. Has anyone seen this photo before and know anything about it? I understand today that the Gordon England saloons were rather flimsily built and perhaps only one exists. All rather handsome and jolly photo!

Gordon England in publications.

Davis Howe writes:


“Trust you are well

 Attached pics may be of interest.

From books called Buying a Car by Leonard Henslowe. I have 1925 and 1927 editions. I understand they ran from 1923 to 1928.

 At the rear of each edition are photos and text on various cars.
 The 1925 edition has just Austin Seven and Twelve. and very interestingly a double page  advertisement for George England ( Eric’s Father) who I understand made GE’s bodies for a short period after Weymann. I have never seen such an ad before,.
The 1927 edition has Austin Seven and Twelve and on a separate page the Austin Seven GE ‘Silent’ Saloon and the Cup, which is described as having for 1927:- real leather upholstery, step mats on running boards, rigid side curtains, automatic windscreen wiper, special hair carpets and unsplinterable glass all still for £165.”






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