Brooklands model

Timothy Payne writes:

“Another thing that may be of interest to others on the website (I had failed to appreciate this before being told by Simon North, but may be common knowledge or covered in one of the reference books) was that some Brooklands model racers used the same parallel rear spring arrangement that appeared on the streamliners, which allowed the driver to sit lower down in between the spring and propshaft. It seems plausible that these can be identified by the longer more prominent rear spring covers that would be needed to cover the additional crossmember, but can’t confirm. Unfortunately I don’t think I have any pictures that illustrate the chassis without body. There is a good picture on Austin Harris’ site that shows the springs and double spoked wheels like Mrs JoJo on a brooklands racer (I just realised I have another picture of this car see attachment, it may have appeared on the forum before?). I would be interested to know i am correct in thinking all with the longer rear sprng covers like this one were parallel sprung. I have also Included a PDF of the Automobile article on Mrs JoJo in case you don’t have it in digital format, this used to be on Oliver Ways website but i think it is no longer there. You can see the double rear crossmembers in one of the photos.”