Memories of a Stadium

Gerald Walker writes:

More grotty photos from the 1960s.

Dad bought this Gordon England Stadium in 1962.  I went with him to pick it up from a village near Cambridge (can’t remember which one).  It was complete and very original but had obviously been in its shed for many decades and was covered in dust.  We looked it over, pumped up the tyres and towed it home.  I was in the towing car with Dad and a great cloud of dust blew up as we moved out into the road, temporarily blinding the friend who was steering the Stadium!
I think there was a metal bodied version, but this was fabric.  All I can remember about it is that there were a couple of metal channels in the tail so the spare wheel could be slid in horizontally.  Also, where the fabric was crumbling on the tail, it looked like the top of the tail was formed from perforated zinc.
The car was sold for £35, presumably making a good profit, but we never saw it again.
Gerald Walker
Gordon England004
Gordon England003
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