Stadium history

Following a post from Gerald Walker about a Stadium he remembers his father having, Robin Hildyard commented:

Gerald Walker writes: “More grotty photos from the 1960s. Dad bought this Gordon England Stadium in 1962.  I went with him …
This Stadium, TR7157, is alive and kicking, now in my garage nearing completion of a two-year rebuild, looking quite “Austintatious” (my nickname for it) with navy blue grainy fabric outside and scarlet leather upholstery. Still needs the hood doing, but the frame has new hoodsticks and I’ve found a wonderful local trimmer. Engine is all original matching numbers, now fitted with a bronze Zenith, a Bosch distributor, rebored to plus-60 and upgraded to inch and five sixteenths Phoenix crank with Austin white metalled rods. Chassis was shot-blasted and powder-coated, all bearings replaced, wings stripped and resprayed. I was absolutely delighted to see the photos of the car in the 1960s – it must have passed through the hands of Gerald Walker’s father so quickly that his name doesn’t appear in the logbook, but it left Cambridge to go to a new owner in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1968. Wish they had kept a snippet of the original fabric! The logbook says “Blue & silver” which might indicate a blue cellulosed fabric mottled with silver. I’ll post some photos when it is back on the road. Well done Ruairidh for getting all these memories together and spreading such useful information (and much joy) amongst Gordon England fanciers.
Robin Hildyard (deep in the Cotswolds)
Gerald responded with:
That has really made my day!  It was such a complete and original car and I am so pleased to hear it still survives and is in good hands.
I remember it as being blue but am fairly sure it had been painted – as often happens in an effort to preserve and waterproof the fabric.
The car was sold to Herbert Robinson Jnr, son of the owner of Herbert Robinson Ltd, a Cambridge car dealership.  We heard it had been sold on, but I had understood that it went to Yorkshire. 
Meanwhile here are a couple more photos taken, as the other two, in and around Ray Walker’s garage in Perowne Street, Cambridge and showing the Stadium in company.
Gerald Walker
A7 photos004-4
A7 photos001amended-2