Modified Cup Model in the 1930s.

Simon writes:

“I imagine these pictures were taken mid to late 1930s therefore the car would have been what about 8-10 years old? I do know that it was christened ‘The Bug’ which was possibly a diminutive of the name it was called when there were breakdowns.

My mother, pictured took her driving test in it and having passed returned home from a solo trip one day to advise my father, also pictured that he must have left tools loose in it causing an awful noise. The response was a ‘bug’ moment when he found a big end bearing had gone.


Despite my comments above the car was always remembered very fondly.

Some anecdotes that I found amusing:

Living in Birmingham in the ‘30s they would drive to the cinema and on returning to the car if a seat squab was upside down my father was sure it would be a friend of his playing a trick. Innocent times.

They would drive into the country at the weekends equipped with primus stove, frying pan, kettle and a canvas bucket with a rope.  Eggs and bacon would be purchased from a farm and the bucket thrown into a stream to obtain water for brewing tea.    

The car was kept at a local garage along with many other larger and more prestigious vehicles but when my father arrived home late he would park his car in the smallest gap available by lifting the rear to line it up with the space and squeezing it in.


I hope this is of some interest and I would be interested to learn what changes from standard are apparent from the photos. If you do come across the car please let me know.”

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