Standard (Silent) Saloon…

Spotted on Facebook.

GE Standard Saloon

Charles Leith writes:

A very ‘special’ 1926/7 Gordon England Saloon. This photograph was given to me by my local garage who in turn was given it by a customer. This would have been a rather expensive university student car and so I’m wondering if this was a publicity photograph used in an advertisement by Gordon England. Has anyone seen this photo before and know anything about it? I understand today that the Gordon England saloons were rather flimsily built and perhaps only one exists. All rather handsome and jolly photo!

Request for Brooklands information…

John Steven’s writes:


Name: john stevens


Comment: I would like to gather as much information as possible,to enable me to build a replica Gordon England Brooklands car.
I would like to communicate with any other like minded people,who have original or re-created cars,to assist me in gaining the knowledge,drawings and measurements for my own venture.
I live near Great Missenden,Bucks,I own two box saloons and a ‘stripped down’ special (for the project).
I am not new to the task in hand,having skills in metal fabrication and wood working.
If anyone can help,in any form,I would be pleased to hear from you.
Kind Regards ,

John Stevens.


Stadium owner Val writes:


We have had a very good year with the Stadium: a navigation rally in Surrey, driving tests at Madresfield – where we met Robin H, the Exmoor rally with the Light Car and Edwardian group, Beaulieu, and latterly we completed a 200 mile rally at Presteigne.  If you want some photos – some attached! 

Best wishes