Modified Cup Model…

Spotted on Facebook

“I have spent years trying to establish the year and model of my late dad’s Austin Seven sports pictured below (dad in the car and photo dated 1934 Swansea, Glam). My dad died in 1971 and although he had mentioned the car to me, the photo only came to light in the 1980s! Suggestions include late 1920s and Gordon England coachwork. Unfortunately not all the number plate is shown but maybe someone out there can help me?”  Michael Hopkins


Facebook GE Cup Photo

GE liquidation notice – as reported in 1929…

David Howe writes:

Dear Ruairidh

Stuart Ulph sent me this page from London Gazette which details the
Voluntary Liquidation of Gordon England, confirmed in in March 1929
which was  earlier than I had imagined.  I would think they saw the
writing on the wall for ‘rag’ bodies, The factory at Wembley was very
big judging from photos I have seen and if sales had begun to fall
away, maybe they couldn’t make ends meet.  Certainly you don’t see as
many small ads for Wembley saloons and Stadium as you do the earlier
cars, suggesting fewer sales

Take care



ECGE Liquidation