GE bodies on other cars..

Chris Garner writes:

Further to your recent posting of a ’29 catalogue showing examples of GE models, please find a photo of a Standard 9hp Standard GE Sports 2 seater ( owned by a friend and housed two miles from me )

No actual examples of this model are known to exist but this is a faithful copy and unique as such. The chassis however did carry a GE saloon body originally.

Gordon England bodies on other cars…

Mike Costigan writes:

“I see you have a page for ‘other GE-bodied cars’, so I thought you might like to add these pages from a 1929 GE catalogue. The catalogue doesn’t include all the GE variants, as there’s no Morris Minor, nor is there the Morris Six four-door Sunshine Saloon, but they do show that GE produced a wide variety of bodies on a wide variety of chassis.”